About the department

 The Department of Business Administration was established in 1993. Since its inception, a large number of qualified cadres and notable personnel have graduated. It served the community through the  qualified cadres who have joined government and private sector offices, companies, establishments and others. The Department is proud that some of its graduates have completed their higher studies or were elected representatives of the people in the Parliament or have become notable businessmen. 



   The Department of Business Administration aspires to be distinguished in the fields of scientific research, consultancy and community service. 


The Department Message

  Spreading knowledge and undertaking professionalism in teaching and learning processes in line with standards of accreditation, quality and continuous improvement of the educational process in the fields of administration and business.


Section goals

1- Qualifying a cadre of Bachelor’s holders, educationally and professionally, in the field of business administration, capable of meeting the needs of the labor market.
2 - Preparing a specialized cadre in 'business administration' capable of leading business organizations and qualified to take decisions.
3- Cooperating with the business sector with the aim of  enriching the professional and applied skills of graduates. It also  organizes specialized courses to help them find job opportunities after graduation.
4- Building partnerships and communicating with organizations in the public and private sectors to solve administrative problems and provide creative solutions based on sound scientific and cognitive foundations.
5- Serving local community with social and scientific programs and activities.
6- Holding scientific conferences and symposia and providing and updating scientific resources such as books, bulletins, journals and databases.
7- Enhancing the academic capabilities of faculty members by encouraging them to participate in conferences inside Iraq and abroad.